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No Win No Fee Lawyers

No win, no fee lawyers offer a great service for individuals who do not have the financial resources to pay legal fees upfront. A no win, no fee agreement is an assurance between a lawyer and client that all legal fees will be covered until your case has been settled. The amount you pay at the conclusion of your case depends on whether or not your case is successful.

As the name suggests, no win, no fee means that you pay the full amount of your legal bills if your case is successful. There are many ways in which no win, no fee agreements are beneficial. Read on to learn more.

Who offers no win, no fee agreements?

There are a number of compensation law firms that offer no win, no fee agreements. If you are looking for a compensation lawyer, the easiest way to find out if they offer no win, no fee legal services, is to check their website or consult with them directly. Many compensation lawyers are happy to provide a no win, no fee agreement when they believe there is a strong chance your case will be successful.

What’s the catch?

Often, no win, no fee arrangements can sound a bit too good to be true. It is important to understand the nature of your agreement before you hire no win, no fee lawyers. There is generally no catch when it comes to no win, no fee arrangements but you need to make sure you hammer out the details with your lawyer before proceeding with legal actions.

For example, you must know that most lawyers only offer no win, no fee arrangements that cover professional expenses (the cost of the work they do) that they usually charge to others. You may still be expected to pay out of pocket expenses to other people if your case is unsuccessful.

Benefits of no win, no fee agreements

There are a number of benefits when working with no win, no fee lawyers. These include:

  • Access to immediate legal advice
    Regardless of your financial abilities, you are able to receive legal help immediately so that you are not delaying your claim and reducing your chance of success.
  • Reduced legal fees is your case is unsuccessful
    If your case is not successful you will not have to pay the professional fees charged by your lawyer. You may have to cover some other expenses but they will be far less than what you would have been charged if you had to pay all your legal costs upfront.
  • Your lawyer has a vested interest in your success
    You can be sure that your lawyer is giving you genuine legal advice because they would not take on a case they don’t believe will be successful. Your success is mutually beneficial so it’s likely you’re lawyer will work harder to make sure you receive the outcome you deserve.

no win, no fee agreement

What kind of claims do no win, no fee arrangements apply?

No win, no fee arrangement apply to a number of claim types such as motor vehicle accidents, work injuries, slip and fall incidents and medical negligence. Make sure you confirm that your lawyer has prior experience in your claim type before you begin working with them.

Some lawyers take on any case, regardless of their specialisation, so it is important to make sure you ask plenty of questions when you meet them so that you can be sure they are the best person to handle your case.

Questions to ask about a no win, no fee arrangement

No win, no fee agreements can vary with each lawyer. Make sure you ask what their success fee is and what your obligations are under the no win, no fee agreement. You should have no surprising fees at the conclusion of your case as long as you address any queries you have before you commence your claim.

Who can enter into a no win, no fee agreement?

A no win, no fee agreement is a service offered to people who do not have the financial resources to take legal action. This means you must be able to show your lawyer that you are not financially capable of paying them upfront to receive a no win, no fee guarantee.

You must also be pursuing a claim with legal merit. If your claim is weak and not likely to result in success, you will most likely not be able to go further with it.

No win, no fee legal services are a great option for financially disadvantaged people. If you have been considering pursuing a claim, contact Schreuders today to speak with our no win, no fee lawyers.

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