Birth Trauma Compensation

Medical negligence compensation claims arising out of pregnancy, birth injuries and defects are our expertise

When parents prepare for the birth of their new baby they expect the best care they can get during the initial 9 months period, as well as labour and delivery. Unfortunately, far too often, mistakes do happen resulting in injuries to the mother and baby. These injuries can cause lifelong problems and consequences and are often preventable with the exercise of reasonable skill and care during these fundamentally important stages through proper advice and recommendations on the best perinatal supplementation and nutrition, performance of routine check-ups and tests, and ensuring that the baby is delivered as healthy as possible without injury to the baby and mother via an appropriate mode of delivery.

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What is the difference between medical negligence claims involving birth defects and birth injuries?

There is a difference between birth defects and birth injuries. Non preventable birth defects, usually, inflict the baby from the outset and are not usually caused by outside factors. An example of a non-preventable birth defect is Down Syndrome.

Birth injuries are usually caused by factors that are preventable. They are usually caused by a variety of factors including, inattentiveness, unavailability and inexperience of medical practitioners and healthcare providers. It is important to first identify if there is a claim for a medical negligence or birth injury claim

Birth Trauma Compensation

What are medical negligence compensation claims involving birth defects?
What are medical negligence compensation claims involving birth injuries?
What are examples of pregnancy related medical negligence compensation claims?
What are the consequences of birth defects and birth injuries?
What compensation is recoverable?

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