Workers compensation lawyers

Schreuders offers specialist, personalised advice in the area of workers compensation.

Our workers compensation lawyers are a team of legal professionals with years of knowledge and experience practicing workers compensation law. We offer injured workers a strict no win, no fee guarantee.

Claiming from your employer and WorkCover

Being injured at work can be stressful and distressing. Professional legal expertise can provide invaluable insight and advantage to any workers compensation claim, so it’s important you engage experts in the field.

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Our workers compensation lawyers are a specialised team comprising medical professionals, barristers, forensic engineers and accountants, who are dedicated to ensuring that injured workers receive the personalised service and compensation they’re entitled to.

With empathy, professionalism and care, we’ll help you understand exactly what type of workplace injury claim you have, and bring a depth of skills and knowledge to your case that has secured our team a 99% success rate.

We can provide you with knowledge, experience and representation across a range of workers compensation areas, including:

  • workplace Injuries;
  • representation and litigation with WorkCover or your employer;
  • rehabilitation;
  • conciliation and arbitration hearings;
  • common law proceedings;
  • claims made on behalf of subcontractors and other types of labour;
  • industrial deafness and hearing problems; and
  • injuries while travelling to and from work.

A pain-free process

If you have sustained an injury at work or as a result of your workplace commitments, contact us for a free and obligation-free case assessment today. Our expert workers compensation lawyers will take the time to understand your personal situation and what you’re entitled to; providing you with the expertise and advice to navigate the complex and distressing legal requirements of workers compensation claims and litigation.

Workers compensation entitlement areas

Workers compensation law covers a range of different entitlements. One of our skilled workers compensation lawyers  will advise you of your entitlements and then work with you to secure the compensation you deserve. Your lump sum entitlements may include one or more of the following:

  • loss of income or wages, and treatment coverage;
  • loss of future earning capacity, or shortening of your working life;
  • compensation for any permanent impairment you’ve suffered as a result of a workplace accident; and
  • any entitlement to workplace injury damages.

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