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7 Reasons to Consider a No Win, No Fee Lawyer

No win, no fee lawyers are a great option for those who do not have the financial resources to pay costly legal fees upfront. A no win, no fee guarantee is an arrangement between a lawyer and client to give them access to legal representation with the assurance that most of your expenses will be covered if your case is unsuccessful. If your compensation claim is successful, then you will be charged for the service.

The are many reasons to consider a no win, no fee lawyer. Read on to learn more.

Immediate Access To Legal Advice

Time is of the essence when it comes to compensation claims. Finding a compensation lawyer within your financial capabilities can delay the process of beginning your claim and reduce your chances of success. No win, no fee lawyers can help you get the process started in the most timely manner with a free consultation to discuss your case.

Reduced Fees If Your Case Is Unsuccessful

Often, people mistakenly assume that no win, no fee lawyers guarantee that you will not pay a cent if your case is unsuccessful. The reality is, you will still have to pay some legal fees, but they will be less than that of lawyers who charge upfront. Avoid any surprises by outlining the terms of the agreement before you commence your compensation claim. Most no win, no fee lawyers are happy to clarify anything you may be confused about in regards to legal fees, so do not be afraid to ask questions.

Your Success Is Mutually Beneficial

Although there are many excellent lawyers who charge upfront, you can assume that no win, no fee lawyers would definitely put in the extra work to ensure your success. A successful claim means that they are able to be fully reimbursed for their work and you are able to receive the compensation you deserve. No win, no fee lawyers are more likely to work alongside you, and keep you involved every step of the way because they are aware of the implications for both parties if the case is unsuccessful.

You Will Receive Genuine Legal Advice

In some cases, lawyers who charge upfront are not entirely honest about your chances of success when taking on your compensation claim. They receive payment regardless of whether the case is successful or not. No win, no fee lawyers are more likely to be truthful about your chances of success because it is not beneficial to either party to begin a compensation claim that does not have a good outlook. You will find that no win, no fee lawyers make sure to communicate with you every step of the way and explain their actions so you are aware of what you should expect.

If Your Case Is Successful Your Compensation Will Cover Legal Fees

You will be charged a larger amount if your case is successful, but you do not need to worry because the compensation you receive will cover these costs. You will be compensated for professional costs, general costs and disbursement costs. Usually, the defendant, or in the case of a personal injury, an insurer will be ordered to pay the costs of your legal fees if your case is successful. So if you believe you have a good chance of success, consult with no win, no fee lawyers.

No Win, No Fee Guarantees Apply To A Range Of Compensation Claims

Whether you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, work accident or a slip and fall incident, you can receive a no win, no fee guarantee from most compensation lawyers regardless of the type of case. However, always make sure that your compensation lawyers have experience in your particular claim and ask questions about their success rate. Some law firms will take on any type of case, even if they do not have the expected expertise in the area, so it is important that you choose a no win, no fee lawyer who has plenty of experience with your type of compensation claim.

Anyone Is Entitled To A No Win, No Fee Guarantee

Regardless of your financial situation, you will be eligible for a no win, no fee guarantee. This means that disadvantaged people can receive legal advice without having to meet any kind of criteria. No win, no fee lawyers are committed to making sure everyone is able to receive legal assistance when needed.

If you would like more information about no win, no fee lawyers, contact Schreuders today.

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