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Gathering Evidence for Your Car Accident Claim

If you are involved in a car accident, the best way to ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve, is to gather the relevant evidence surrounding the circumstances of the accident. This will help you if you choose to make a personal injury claim or when determining the at-fault driver in a motor vehicle accident. Please see below regarding what initial evidence or information that should be gathered following a car accident.

Read on to learn more about gathering evidence for your car accident claim.

Take photographs of the car accident scene

After an accident is it important to assess all injuries and damages that have occurred. If you require medical assistance, be sure to make this your first priority. However, if you’re in the condition to take photos of the accident scene, make sure you do so as this can help when proving liability or the severity of the injuries sustained. For example, if either vehicle left skid marks, take pictures of these as they are useful for determining the speed that the vehicles were going at or the direction the vehicles were coming from.

You should also take photos of any traffic lights or signs at the scene. These may assist in proving that you had the right of way. You may also want to take photos of each driver’s view of the accident scene, in case the other driver says that they didn’t see you coming. Having photographic evidence can help you show how far back the driver was able to see the scene of the accident before it occurred.

Remember that motor vehicle accident claims can be complicated if the driver responsible does not immediately assume fault, so having photographic evidence will help strengthen your claim and ensure you receive the compensation that you need.

evidence for your car accident claim

Take photographs of any vehicles involved

You will need to take photos of any vehicle that was involved in the accident. These photos should include the areas that the vehicles were damaged so that insurers can examine these when you make your motor vehicle accident claim. Similar to taking photographs of the scene, photographs of the damage caused by the impact can help insurers determine how fast each car was going and who is considered at fault.

Obtain the contact information of drivers and witnesses involved

If possible, never let the other driver involved leave the scene of the accident without identifying themselves, as you will need to obtain their licence details and registration number. In the case of a hit and run, try to memorise and write down the licence plate number and call the police immediately. A registration or contact number is also essential for when you begin a car accident claim, so that you can get the details of their insurer.

People passing by at the time of the incident may also provide an account of the accident. If you know of any drivers or pedestrians who witnessed the accident, take down their contact details so that you can get a statement from them if you need one for your motor vehicle accident claim.

Report the accident to the police

It is important to report the accident to the police as soon as possible, so they can prepare an official report. In some states, the police report lists details such as the officer’s opinion of who was at fault for the accident. Insurers usually look at police reports when handling a motor vehicle accident claim and they are noted as a requirement when lodging a motor vehicle claim.

Medical documents

If you are filing a personal injury claim, you will need to gather evidence for your car accident claim that shows you sustained serious injuries from the accident. Gathering evidence for your personal injury claim involves getting copies of medical records, hospital bills and prescriptions that show that you have suffered a loss due to your injuries.

If your injuries hinder you from working for a period of time, you can also claim for loss of earnings. You will need to collect payslips, invoices and work diaries to show exactly how much you lost from the time is due to your injury and this is extremely important when determining how much you may lose in the future.

Gathering evidence for your car accident claim can be a long process. Contact Schreuders for a free consultation on your motor vehicle accident claim.

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