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Schreuders offer professional legal expertise covering all kinds of compensation cases. We are the No Win No Fee lawyers in Brisbane with a 95% win rate. If you believe that you need to engage compassionate and dedicated compensation lawyers in Brisbane to help you with a compensation claim, then contact the team at Schreuders today. We will help you to reclaim the compensation that you deserve, explaining your legal position is clear and easy to understand language. Claiming for compensation is a stressful life event. Make it less stressful and increase your chances of receiving the compensation that you deserve with the Schreuders Brisbane team. Our No Win, No Fee lawyers in Brisbane are ready to help you now. 

We specialise in winning cases quickly, awarding what is owed to you as quickly as possible.

Our Brisbane offices are located in the heart of Brisbane’s central business district, overlooking both the cityscape and the river. We’re easy to find, located close to public transport. Our insurance claim lawyers serve all residents throughout the city and surrounding areas in Queensland.

The Schreuders team of no win, no fee lawyers in Brisbane are just one part of a larger, Australia-wide legal team. We operate throughout the country with offices available in Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth. We have helped countless claimants just like you from the to win their compensation cases and with a 95% win rate, we’re confident that we can help you as well.

Our team of personal injury lawyers, TPD lawyers, medical negligence lawyers and workers compensation lawyers specialise in all kinds of compensation claims including accident and injury claims as well as unfair treatment in the workplace. Claims may include medical negligence or financial negligence where you have been left with unfair and undeserved stress and personal disadvantage. When you engage the team at Schreuders, we work hard to ensure that you fully comprehend your legal position, your rights and entitlements and the best way of filing your claim. We’re prepared to represent your interests at any legal stage with a team of expert professionals on call and ready to help. Our support team includes barristers, forensic specialists and more. 

Accident and injury claims can be complex and stressful to manage. Often people find themselves working alongside a legal team to manage an injury claim while experiencing treatment for, or recovering from, a life-changing injury or event. These may include motor vehicle accidents and CTP claims. We understand how distressing this can feel and what kind of impact it makes not just on your life, but on the lives of the people who love and support you.

We specialise in helping individuals to reclaim their lives with careful and considerate handling of their compensation cases, offering a free assessment of your case right at the start. This assessment is obligation free but if you do decide to let us handle your legal difficulties, then the standard No Win, No Fee policy applies, and you can only benefit from Schreuders looking after your claim.

We’re not about making slick first impressions and confusing you with a lot of legal jargon. We’ll tell you upfront and honestly whether we believe that we can help you and what kind of help we can offer. 

How much do no win, no fee lawyers take in QLD?

In Queensland, personal injury lawyers are not permitted to take more than 50% of the compensation payout that you receive. How you are charged legal fees will depend on the individual firm that you choose to engage. Some no win no fee lawyers in Brisbane will include the cost of medical reports and other supporting documentation acquired throughout the management of your case while others may not. The cost for barrister representation may also usually be calculated differently. Barrister representation is largely not required for most compensation cases, however, should we feel that your case requires escalation, you will be informed ahead of time and all costs and responsibilities clearly explained by our team.

At the time of your obligation-free case assessment, your solicitor will walk you through exactly how our team of no win, no fee lawyers in Brisbane will charge you. This is absolutely the time to ask any questions about your case and how we’ll represent you. 

Suffering an injury, particularly a workplace injury, can be a life-changing event. Not only are there recovery costs and other financial strains, but there is also a huge toll taken on your health, both mental and physical. Give yourself the best chance at a full recovery and reclaiming your life with the help of the Schreuders no win, no fee lawyers in Brisbane.

Get a free case assessment today. Fill out our online form in a matter of minutes or call our Brisbane offices to speak with an expert now.

Meet your Brisbane based injury lawyers

Real people with real experience

They’re real lawyers and have dealt with over 10,000 winning compensation cases between them over 25 years. When you call you will be talking directly to them!

Here’s just a few of the big settlements they have won for Sydney residents recently:

  • A man from Randwick compensated $300,000
  • A woman from Surry Hills compensated $172,000
  • A man from Homebush compensated $90,000

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