Insurance Claims Lawyers

At Schreuders, our insurance claims lawyers offer a personalised legal service. They go the extra mile to ensure that the client gets the maximum compensation.

Insurance claims lawyers ensure that a fair settlement is paid to the policy holder. People buy an insurance policy and pay regular premiums to the insurer. When a policy holder incurs a loss due to fire, theft, etc., he can claim the insurance if the loss is covered under the policy. Some of the most common insurance claims are auto insurance claims, health insurance claims, residential property insurance claims, etc.

How to file an insurance claim against an insurance company?

The first step is to contact the insurance company and inform them about the loss. It is essential because if there is a delay in informing the insurance company, they can use it as an opportunity to get your claim denied. The next step is to obtain the necessary documents that can prove that you have suffered the loss. For example, if you had been injured in a car accident, a police FIR or a medical report will do the trick. The next step is to submit these documents along with the claim form to your insurer. The insurance company will then assign a surveyor to evaluate the loss.

In an ideal world,people may not require an insurance claims lawyer, but in this world, they do. People pay hefty premiums hoping that they would be compensated if they suffer an injury or loss due to fire, theft, accident, etc. But that is rarely the case. Insurance companies often find ways to get the claim denied, or they pay the least possible compensation. Because your financial interests and your insurer’s financial interests are always in a state of conflict. You would want the maximum coverage, whereas the insurance company would want to get away by paying the least possible payout.

The most common reason insurance companies use to deny your claims or offer a low payout is that the loss is not covered under the policy. Another common reason is that the claim amount is way higher than the loss that was incurred. Ironically, even after paying the hefty premiums, you would still have to fight to get the payout that you are entitled to. Hence, it is advisable to consult an insurance claims lawyer before contacting the insurance company.

How can insurance claims lawyers help you?

Insurance companies are not worried about denying a claim because they do not expect a claimant to seek a remedy in court. Hence, they makeup reasons and try to deny your claim. Even when it is a valid claim, they offer a quicker and lower payout in the hopes that the claimant accepts it, and that’s what happens in most cases. But if an insurance claims lawyer is involved, it is far less likely to happen. Because an insurance claims lawyer can build a strong case and appeal the denial. Therefore, hiring an insurance claims lawyer will definitely increase your chances of success. Apart from this, insurance claims lawyers also do a lot of research; they collect documents and reports necessary to build a strong case. Once these reports are submitted, the insurance companies would not be able to come up with any half-baked reasons.

Where to find an insurance claims lawyer?

There are many law firms in Australia from where you can hire insurance claims lawyers. But if you are looking for a genuine law firm that cares for its customers’ well-being, you should check out Schreuders. Schreuders is an Australian law firm with over 25 years of experience. In this period, we have a success rate of 95%. At Schreuders, our insurance claims lawyers are invested in your success and are committed to your cause. Our point of differentiation (POD) is that we offer personalised legal service right from the beginning.

Before contacting the insurance company, you can take our free assessment. One of our lawyers would get in touch with and review your case. We also ask you a few questions that can help us understand you better. Wealso have a diverse team of lawyers. Between us, we speak Afrikaans, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Japanese, etc. It ensures that you have a comfortable experience. If we do not have anyone who speaks your language, we find someone who can.

Once we have reviewed your case, we offer you actionable advice. If you choose to hire us, we then start working on building a strong case. Unlike other law firms that charge a small percentage of the fee upfront, we only charge you once we have helped you get the compensation you deserve. We also follow a “no win, no fee” lawyer’s policy. If our insurance claims lawyers do not help you get the payout you deserve, we do not charge any legal fee.

We also use a unique process called disbursement funding. It ensures that we have access to expert reports that can be used to build a strong case. It is one of the reasons why our lawyers take 3 to 6 months to settle a claim,whereas other law firms take around two years. You can also file compensation claims with the help of our compensation lawyers. If you have been injured in the workplace, you can hire a worker’s compensation lawyer. If you had been injured in a car accident, you could hire a personal injury lawyer or a car accident lawyer. Apart from this, you can also hire a TPD lawyer and medical negligence lawyer from Schreuders.  We operate in all major cities of Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, etc.

Lockdowns and restrictions may have eased, but time limits for claims have not. Call us now so you don’t miss out on your payment!