QLD Compensation Lawyers

If you are looking for compensation lawyers in QLD, Schreuders is the best option. Schreuders is an Australian law firm that has over 25 years of experience. While other law firms primarily focus on the fee, our compensation lawyers in QLD focus on helping you get justice. We understand that it is a tough time for you, and we want to help you overcome it. We try to understand you and your journey and offer a personalised legal service. We also have a no-win, no fee lawyer’s policy. If our compensation lawyers cannot help you win, we do not charge you a single dollar.

We also offer a free assessment. You can reach out to us, and one of our compensation lawyers would get in touch with you. Our compensation lawyers in QLD will listen to your query and review your claim. Once done, we will provide you with clear and actionable advice.

How to make a compensation claim?

The first step is to take up the free assessment. We have a diverse team of lawyers who can communicate with you in your native language. It can help us to understand you better. Our team of lawyers can speak Afrikaans, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Japanese, etc. If we do not have someone who can speak your language, we will find someone who can.

Once the initial assessment is done, you would have clarity of the claim, and the next step is to build a strong case. Now here is where Schreuders stands out from other law firms. Other law firms charge you an advance fee to carry on with the document gathering process. Whereas at Schreuders, we do it without charging anything.

Once you have filed a compensation claim, the next step is to negotiate with your insurance company. It is the trickiest step because insurance companies also have lawyers, and they try to get your claim rejected or try to pay the least compensation. If you had been in a car accident and two or more people are involved in it, the other parties might blame you and file a compensation claim. In such cases, you would be glad that you hired one of the best compensation lawyers in QLD from Schreuders. Our lawyers do their research and collect evidence that can fight such counter claims and help you get the compensation that you deserve. Even if the insurance company denies your claim, our lawyers will help you file an appeal. All the evidence gathered can then be submitted, and our lawyers will fight for you during the hearing before a judge.

The last and final step is to receive your compensation. Only after we have helped you receive the maximum possible compensation, we charge you for our services.

How long does a compensation claim take to settle?

In QLD, compensation lawyers take around two years to settle a compensation claim. But at Schreuders, our lawyers take only 3 to 6months to settle your compensation claim. It is possible because we follow a unique practice called disbursement funding. This technique ensures that we have enough funding to gain expert reports like medical records, etc., that are necessary to settle the claim as soon as possible. Most law firms fail to obtain these expert reports, so it takes them years to settle a claim.

So, with our unique practices and personalised legal service, we are a law firm invested in your success and committed to your cause. We also have different compensation lawyers such as worker’s compensation lawyer, TPD lawyer, insurance claims lawyer, personal injury lawyer, medical negligence lawyer, and car accident lawyer.

We operate in all major cities of Australia, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Cairns, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, etc.

Meet your QLD based injury lawyers

Real people with real experience

They’re real lawyers and have dealt with over 10,000 winning compensation cases between them over 25 years. When you call you will be talking directly to them!

Here’s just a few of the big settlements they have won for Sydney residents recently:

  • A man from Randwick compensated $300,000
  • A woman from Surry Hills compensated $172,000
  • A man from Homebush compensated $90,000

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