NSW Compensation Lawyers

In NSW, Compensation lawyers help people get compensation for their physical and psychological injuries. This compensation can cover a wide variety of expenses such as lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, property damage expenses, etc.

Compensation law is considered complex because there are many areas of personal injury. If you want to receive the maximum possible compensation, you should hire a compensation lawyer who specialises in your particular area of injury. For example, if you have suffered injuries due to a hospital’s carelessness, you can hire a medical negligence lawyer. If you have been injured in a car accident, a car accident lawyer can help you get the best compensation.

How much do compensation lawyers charge?

In NSW, compensation lawyers charge anywhere between 20% to 40% of your compensation payout. It might seem high, but in reality, if you file a compensation claim without a lawyer, the compensation payout you may receive would be half of what you had claimed. It is because insurance companies find loopholes to try and reduce the amount they have to pay you as compensation. If you had been in a car accident, the other party might also file a compensation claim. In such cases, if you do not have a good compensation lawyer whom you can consult, you can fall victim to such insurance companies and counter claims.

Where to find compensation lawyers?

You can find many compensation lawyers in NSW whom you can hire, but it may take a long time for you to get your compensation payout. It is because the industry average for settling claims is two years. If this feels too long and if you want a quicker settlement, you can choose Schreuders. At Schreuders, a compensation claim can be settled within 3 to 6 months. We have over 25 years of experience. With a 95% success rate, we have one of the best compensation lawyers in NSW.

Unlike other law firms, we do not see our clients as a way to make a profit. We understand the physical and mental anguish that a person goes through when they have been hurt or injured. On one hand, you have to focus on your recovery and on the other, you are also stressed about the compensation claim. Hence, at Schreuders, we offer a personalised legal service that can get you the results you deserve. Many compensation lawyers in NSW charge you an advance fee to start with the process. But we do not charge you a single dollar till we have helped you get the best compensation that you deserve. We also have a no-win, no fee lawyer’s policy at Schreuders. Our compensation lawyers only charge you a legal fee after you have received the compensation.

If the insurance company denies your claim, our compensation lawyers also help you file an appeal. This process can involve a hearing before a judge. But you have nothing to worry about because our lawyers will take care of everything. Our lawyers will help you collect all the necessary documents like medical records, timesheets, etc. When these documents are submitted, they can shift the odds in your favour. Our lawyers will also fight for you in court to help you get the maximum compensation payout.

We have different compensation lawyers such as personal injury lawyer, TPD lawyer, worker’s compensation lawyer, insurance claims lawyer, etc. If you are not sure about your compensation claim, you can register for a free assessment at Schreuders. One of the compensation lawyers will get in touch with you to review your case. Once done, they will provide clear and actionable advice that you can follow. We operate in all major cities of Australia, such as Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Central Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Wollongong, Perth, Maitland, Adelaide, etc.

Meet your NSW based injury lawyers

Real people with real experience

They’re real lawyers and have dealt with over 10,000 winning compensation cases between them over 25 years. When you call you will be talking directly to them!

Here’s just a few of the big settlements they have won for Sydney residents recently:

  • A man from Randwick compensated $300,000
  • A woman from Surry Hills compensated $172,000
  • A man from Homebush compensated $90,000

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