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Having a car accident in a rental car is an unfortunate, but all too common, occurrence. A rental car accident can be confusing as it is difficult to pinpoint who is at fault, who covers the damage, and what legalities are involved after the car accident.

If you find yourself in a car accident in a rental car it is important to seek legal assistance immediately so that you can take the appropriate steps. Read on to learn more about what to do if you are in a car accident in a rental car.

Report the accident to the police

Once you have ensured that everyone involved in the accident is safe, contact the police to report the accident. It is important to notify the police so that you can provide a report to your rental company’s insurer. Be sure to take down any significant details in regards to the accident, including, but not limited to, registration number, model and make of the vehicles involved in the accident, along with the contact details of the drivers, along with any photos of the scene. Recording all evidence of the car accident in a rental car is important, especially if you wish to make a personal injury claim.

Determine who is at fault

If the car accident in a rental car was not your fault, the process will be similar to if you the vehicle was your own. You will need to obtain the other driver’s contact details and car registration. Make sure you also collect the details of anyone who may have been a witness to the car accident so that you can contact them later if required.

Exchange insurance information with the other driver involved and call your rental car company as soon as possible, especially if there has been damage to the vehicle. They will be able to advise you on what steps you need to take next and any documentation you need to fill out.

Check your insurance policy

It is important to contact your insurer to see if you have any coverage in relation to rental car accidents. Some insurers specifically exclude rental car accidents, so you must check so that you can find out if you have adequate coverage and what exactly is covered under your policy.

Your insurance company may provide different types of coverage (e.g. liability or collision). Each type applies to different things, so it is important you determine exactly what your policy covers.

car accident in a rental car

Assess your injuries

Any injury from a rental motor vehicle accident, no matter how minor, should be assessed by a medical professional. It is important that you do not ignore the extent of your personal injuries, especially if they are severe.

If you are left with personal injuries that hinder you from working or participating in your regular activities, you may be eligible to receive personal injury compensation.

A personal injury claim is something that you must discuss with a legal professional so that you ensure that you receive the best possible outcome. Personal injury claims can be lengthy and complicated, so it is important that you know exactly what the process involves and what your chances of success are.

Find a compensation lawyer

Do your research before you go to a compensation lawyer. It is important that you speak with a lawyer who has experience with motor vehicle accident claims. There are non-specialised lawyers who will try to take on your case regardless of whether they have the expertise. Be sure to go to their website and read about what kind of services they offer before you meet with them.

Speak to a compensation lawyer

Seeking legal assistance from a lawyer will help you find out exactly what you are entitled to and what you need to do to obtain it. Most personal injury claims require a number of documents to be filed in within a specified timeframe.

By hiring a lawyer you will be able to lodge your personal injury claim in a timely manner and avoid having to further prolong the process by applying for exemptions because you have missed a deadline.

File your personal injury claim

If you have sustained serious personal injuries from a rental motor vehicle accident, it is important to begin a personal injury claim. There are a number of beneficial reasons to lodge a personal injury claim, but the main one is that you can receive compensation for any monetary loss which resulted from the car accident.

Compensation may cover:

  • Medical expenses (medical bills, prescriptions, hospital fees, etc.);
  • Loss of past and future earnings;  
  • Physical or Psychological injuries sustained; and
  • Past and future Domestic assistance.   

Personal injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accident, are important to discuss with your lawyer, as they will then be in a position to provide you with advice as to what the best course of action is for you.

If you have been in a rental motor vehicle accident, it is important that you seek legal help immediately. Contact Schreuders for a free consultation with our experienced motor vehicle accident compensation lawyers.

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