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Have you been seriously injured in a personal injury accident in South Australia?

We know that sustaining a personal injury can be a traumatic and costly experience, so we work to resolve public liability claims in the shortest possible timeframe, for the highest possible compensation.

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Our team of personal injury lawyers have specialised skills and experience within the fields of personal injury compensation representation and litigation. If you’ve been injured on public or private property you may be entitled to compensation, so it pays to consult one of our personal injury specialists immediately.

With our advice and expertise, our personal injury lawyers can ensure that your claim for compensation is settled as quickly as possible and with the least disruption to your treatment and recovery.

Contact us for assistance and guidance using our free online case assessment, and we can assist you in starting or finishing your claim for compensation.

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What should you do if you have sustained a personal injury?
  1. Seek medical attention as soon as possible and explain how you sustained the injury to the treating doctor.
  2. Take photos at the place you sustained your injury, or keep the goods or appliance that caused it.
  3. Note the names and contact details of anyone who witnessed your injury.
  4. Contact Schreuders as soon as possible after you sustain your injury so that our personal injury lawyers can initiate the public liability claim on your behalf.

Are you eligible for a claim?

  • Have you or a loved one suffered a personal injury on public or private property?
  • Were you at fault in the accident?
  • Have you sustained any injuries, whether physical or psychological, from the personal injury?
  • Has your employment and/or income been affected as a result of the personal injury?
  • Have you received any treatment for the injuries you sustained as a result of the personal injury?
  • Has your personal injury occurred within the last three years?

Frequently Asked Questions...

How long does the process take?

We work to resolve personal injury claims in the shortest possible timeframe. In many cases, we can turn a claim around in as little as 12-18 months, compared to the industry average of three to five years.

When should I speak to a lawyer?

There are very practical reasons for initiating a personal injury claim promptly. Legislation in every state sets strict time limits and requirements for making a personal injury claim, so if you have been injured on public or private property, it’s in your best interests to speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

How much compensation will I get?

Based on your situation, our law firm will provide an estimate of the monetary value of your claim for compensation, including the types of damage that are available under the scheme, such as:

  • Reimbursement for your reasonable medical and health-related expenses
  • Compensation for domestic assistance
  • Compensation for economic loss, such as loss of wages
  • Compensation for non-economic loss, such as pain and suffering

With us, it’s personal

At Schreuders, we make your business, our business. Our personal injury lawyers offer personal, tailored legal services on a no win, no fee basis.

Our 95% success rate is a testament to the time we take to understand you and your journey and to the hard work we put in to get you the results you deserve.

With over 25 years of experience, we know what it takes to ensure your compensation claim is settled quickly. Our no win, no fee policy means that if our personal injury lawyers don’t win your compensation claim then we don’t charge you legal fees.

South Australia based personal injury lawyers

Meet Mark

Mark is is the founder and Principal Lawyer at Schreuders, and is recognised by his peers as an authority on compensation law in Australia. Mark has personally helped thousands of personal injury victims get the damages they are entitled to.

Here’s just a few of the big settlements they have won for Sydney residents recently:

  • A man from Blacktown compensated $300,000
  • A woman from Matraville compensated $172,000
  • A man from Carringbah compensated $90,000
  • A man from Liverpool compensated $80,000
Mark Schreuder
Motor Vehicle Injury Lawyer
Founder and CEO

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