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Case Study: Motor Vehicle Accident


We had a motor vehicle accident claim in which our client was involved in a rear-end collision. Prior to the collision, he was able to complete approximately 10 – 12 hour shifts. As a result of the car accident, he required 3 weeks off in total, was unable to recover this loss through income protection and is now only able to complete 6 – 8 hour shifts.


Our team of car accident lawyers in Sydney gathered extensive medical evidence to show how this accident had affected the life of our client. We required medical reports and records to support our client’s statements, especially given the nature of his pre-existing left shoulder condition, aggravated by the accident. This evidence demonstrated that our client sustained an injury and required rehab for the foreseeable future.

We also utilised tax records and payslips, consistent with our client’s statements that he took 3 weeks off work due to his injuries. Upon returning during the peak period, he completed his pre-accident hours and then managed his symptoms with physiotherapy before reducing his work hours.


Ultimately, the efficient collection of this evidence led to the quick settlement of the matter. We were able to collate all of the relevant documentation and serve it to the insurer a week before the ISC. This put the parties in the best frame of mind to discuss the matter, with respect to the financial and medical treatment records.

Recently, the matter was settled with the insurer acknowledging the client’s age and the fact that he required time off work. It was also found reasonable that he would continue intermittent physiotherapy and care. We successfully negotiated a settlement for our very happy client to produce a fantastic result, that he was very pleased with!

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Case Study: Medical Negligence
Case Study: Medical Negligence