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What Medical Negligence Compensation Can I Claim?

Medical negligence can result in a number of different types of injury, trauma and loss.

This is the area of compensation that covers individuals who have suffered at the hands of medical professionals. Perhaps someone misdiagnosed, or failed to diagnose you. It could be that your file was misread, or there was an error in surgery.

This kind of negligence can result in very serious physical repercussions for both the individual and the loved ones involved.

Often, a medical negligence claim also comes with significant psychological costs too. We expect to be in safe hands when we enter into a hospital or medical institution, and anything that dispels that trust can be traumatising.

It’s normal for fears and concerns to arise, considering these are the places meant to help people better their health, not worsen it.

Doctors and other health professionals have a duty of care to each of their patients, and if that care is not delivered, then you have a right to make a medical negligence compensation claim.

You can read more about common types of medical negligence claims here.

How can I make a compensation claim?

The first step to making a medical negligence compensation claim is to speak with one of our specialist medical lawyers who deals with situations like yours on a daily basis. They will help to guide you through the necessary steps to ensure that you can prove negligence.

Because there are different types of medical negligence, each situation will differ. For example, if you think that you’ve been misdiagnosed, then you will need to go about seeking a number of other professional opinions. It will then be a matter of comparing these to your first doctor’s approach.

Similarly, if you suspect that an error has been made during surgery, you’ll need to talk to other doctors immediately.

One of the worrying things about medical negligence cases is that we often aren’t able to determine ourselves when something isn’t right.

It might only be after experiencing pain, or by chance speaking to another professional, that we understand something is wrong in the first place. If in doubt, always reach out for a second and third opinion—your health is not worth the risk if you don’t feel entirely comfortable with a medical decision or a situation.

What medical negligence compensation can I claim

Is making a claim going to be expensive?

Many people assume that taking legal action is a daunting, costly and confusing process.

Our goal at Schreuders Compensation Lawyers is to take the stress out of making a claim. After all, you have already suffered an injustice, and we want to help you to get back on track as soon as possible.

What’s more, Schreuders offers a no win no fee policy, ensuring that everyone has the ability to make a claim if they are injured, regardless of their financial position. You will only be required to pay your lawyer if your claim is successful.

This approach removes much of the financial burden of taking legal action, helping more people access the medical negligence compensation they deserve.

How much can I claim in medical negligence compensation?

Medical negligence is a broad area of compensation law.

For many people who are trying to determine whether or not they have a claim, this can make it difficult to assess by yourself.

That’s why the first step is to chat to us and discuss what happened, as well as your options moving forward. It’s an understandably confusing time, and we’ll guide you along the way.

Because this area of law is so broad, it’s impossible to give a ballpark figure of what you might be able to expect in compensation. Medical malpractice can cause anything ranging from mild discomfort or a scar to brain damage, amputations and death.

How to get your claim underway

Being the victim of medical practice can cause many people to feel angry, fearful and confused.

It’s an event that can have a long-lasting impact on the way you will live the rest of your life. The good news is that Schreuders Compensation Lawyers can help you get back on track as soon as possible.

There can be some time limits involved with making a medical negligence compensation claim. In most states and territories there is a three-year time limit, so make sure you get in touch with our medical lawyers today.

If you’re interested in claiming against medical negligence, contact our medical negligence lawyers to begin the claims process now.

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